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May 14, 2020

How to setup Thermal monitoring in your office!

As we begin coming out of lockdown companies and now thinking of re-starting their offices and should be considering the new realities, both during and following on from this current crisis (Covid-19)

Thermavis are offering innovative technology based approaches to the issue of workplace safety and public confidence when starting the journey back to restarting organisations.

Thermal imaging solutions have risen in their deployment during the spread of Covid-19 and many people have seen such solutions being used in airports and public places, however some of these solutions are complex, expensive and not easily accessible.

Thermavis have launched simple to use thermal imaging solutions that can be easily setup in any location with minimal of fuss , providing a simple and rapid way of detecting peoples temperatures as they return to the work environment.

The use of such devices , increases the Employee confidence and we have seen in a recent article by the BBC , https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-52635983/coronavirus-what-does-a-covid-secure-office-look-like that the work place will look very different.


So how does It work and how can you use it in your work place.

Thermal imaging systems are designed for quick, contact-free preliminary detection of elevated skin surface temperatures. Our systems will provide automatic alerts when anyone passing by the camera exhibits an excessive temperature range, thus allowing them to be further assessed before entering the premises.


What the employer should be aware of when using thermal detection technologies

  • The systems will detect surface skin temperature without any contact, therefore reducing risk.
  • Any temperatures outside a configured range will generate an alert forming the first line of defence.
  • Solutions exist for high volume scanning of people in a short time scale with the use of the appropriate thermal imaging cameras.
  • Keeping a record of people with elevated temperatures is very important from an audit point of view, helping with health and safety compliance in a work place.
  • Although not always the case, using thermal detection is one way of detecting the Corona Virus

Our solutions are not medical devices or nor are they meant to be however they act as a the initial screening to provide confidence and assurance to those entering the work place hence reducing the risks.


So how do you deploy a thermal imaging solution? What needs to be considered?

Before deploying such system in your workplace, the following considerations need to be taken into account.

  1. Ensure the company approves this methodology of screening
  2. Management guidance and staff communications are very important to explain the reason for such screening.
  3. Data protection assessment
  4. Staff consent forms , ensuring they agree to be screened
  5. Prepare a policy for visitors
  6. Determine who will be monitoring the screening and if there is any additional training requirements.
  7. Define a process when someone has been detected who has high temperature and how to handle these situations.


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