May 31, 2020

Stephen MacKinnon, Professor of Haematology, University College London (UCL) shares his thoughts on Thermal Screening and Elevated Skin Temperature Monitoring as a control against Covid-19 Spread.

Professor Stephen sat down with our team to discuss the landscape around thermal imaging technology and its potential benefits in preventing the spread of Covid-19

Some of the questions asked include;

  • So what are the main things to look out for when returning back to work?
  • Can Thermal imaging be used to detect Covid-19?
  • What the point of having Thermal imaging in a crowded place? Say shopping Mall’s Hotels, places of large people entry?
  • What measures can a business take to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in a work place?
  • What additional measures/ test’s should employers consider when re-introducing employees back to work?
  • From a medical perspective, will the vaccine be here soon and will it solve this problem?
  • Skin Temperature - does a persons skin temperature vary significantly from body temperature?

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